APISI – IFLA BSLA WORKSHOP Building Strong Library Association


Leadership and Advocacy

for Library Association Leaders

Strong library associations support and enrich society and the library and information profession. They unite a country's library community around a common platform for advocacy and development of the profession.

(Building Strong Library Associations Impact Report 2012)

IFLA BSLA states that a library association plays an important role and become a key institution in the field of library and information worldwide. Library association can play a role in advocating for equal access to information, and help build strong communities and sustainable library by improving library services to users and support the development of the profession.

The IFLA Building Strong Library Associations (IFLA BSLA) Programme was launched in 2010. The programme offers strategic and coordinated programme for capacity building and sustainability of library associations. BSLA builds capacity by facilitating experience sharing within regions, strengthening library leaders in-country, and developing locally relevant solutions. Through cascade workshops and outreach, the programme has had an impact across countries and regions. Programme activities include training and mentoring which helps associations to form partnerships, strengthen governance and member services, and to become better advocates for their library community. Training and activities are customised to the objectives of library associations, and for different cultural, political, technological and social conditions (http://www.ifla.org/BSLA/impact)

APISI recognizes that a continual professional development of the organization is necessary. We have been fortunate to participate at BSLA Programme which was held in 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The BSLA programme has revitalized vision and mission of the organization. We had opportunity to discuss other important elements in running an association including building, sustaining and developing library associations in partnership, fundraising, advocacy and many more.

We found the programme very usefull and we gain many new perspectives not only from the trainers but also from other countries. Therefore, we seek the opportunity to run similar programme both for APISI and other library association leaders in Indonesia. We are very grateful that IFLA BSLA supports our APISI – IFLA BSLA Workshop programme.

We would like to see many pro-active and dedicated APISI members to take part in this workshop. Management Board of APISI realized that the existence of APISI in each province will accelerate the deployment the vision and mission of APISI in developing school librarianship in Indonesia.

Name of activity

'Strengthening APISI as a professional organization by developing its strategic planning in Indonesia's provinces'


Leadership and Advocacy for Library Association Leaders

  1. To equip APISI and Indonesians library association leaders with BSLA knowledge and skills programm
  2. To develop a strategic planning of APISI and/with other library association
  3. To inaugurate APISI Provincial Leaders
Requirements for APISI PROVINCE LEADERS CANDIDATES: 1.  An APISI member 2.  Committed to be APISI Province Leaders for 2015-2018 service years 3.   Comitted to attend full programme of APISI-IFLA BSLA 2015 workshop   Requirements for LIBRARY ASSOCIATION LEADERS CANDIDATES: 1.   A committee member of a library association in Indonesia 2.   Committed to attend full programme of APISI-IFLA BSLA 2015 workshop Time Day / date: Monday-Thursday, 19 - 22 October, 2015 Venue Pondok Putri Duyung, Ancol, Jakarta Participant We are expecting 20 people of APISI Members and Representatives of Library Associations in Indonesia Programme Application Form - APISI MEMBER  Application Form - LIBRARY ASSOCIATION    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS AUGUST 29, 2015 ANNOUNCEMENT OF SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES IS SEPTEMBER 11,2015 If you have any questions and need more information please email us at kotaksurat@apisi.org or contact us by phone at 021 746 34 189.