Junita Muslimardiani

junAssalamualaikum, Hello, Ola, Buenos Diaz!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Junita Muslimardiani. Everybody calls me June and young fellows call me Ms. June. My first job as librarian was in 2008 in Sekolah HighScope Indonesia Bintaro. I took care of all librarian jobs and in charged of the Preschool and Elementary School libraries. Also, I got an additional job as the school photographer. I've become good at it since then 😀 I resigned from HighScope for family reason in 2012. I decided to work as an extended enrichment Astronomy Teacher in SD St. Laurensia until 2013 as well as a private English tutor for several elementary students (which I still do until now because I just love teaching!). One day in 2013, one of my colleagues asked me to join in a new school as the Head of Learning Resource Centre (LRC). So here I am now, working as a librarian at the core and in charge of all facilities under LRC. There are 3 libraries there, one for preschool and kindergarten program, one for primary program and one for middle&high school program. The laboratories for science and language are under my responsibilities as well. A new sub-unit is provided soon, the Material Production. It produces teaching aids needed and invented by the teachers. APISI for me is the answer to quench my thirst of librarian world. Thank Allah, I am assigned to be in charged in the membership program. Those who wants to know more about the benefits of being an APISI member, come to me and I'll be pleased to give you every single information you need 🙂 As an additional info about me, I'm a big fan of Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl and I just love reading some of their books aloud to children especially "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Fox in Sox". One more thing, librarian, english teacher and astronomer were my dreams and wishes and they're all come true! So... Don't give up wishing and dreaming then pray for them everyday because they will be granted one by one... Believe it!